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Egypt Pioneers Schools

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    طلاب رواد مصر في عرض بلدي بحبها علي مسرح مدارس السعدية بالجيزة

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    Multimedia Room

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    prmiry 4 Students (Map of Egypt)

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    (Mother 's Day Party (Department of kindergartens )

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    He studied in the kindergarten garden

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    تكريم الطلبة الاوائل لقسم اللغات

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    Application for the academic year opened 2020 / 2021

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    رحلة علمية لطلاب المدرسة

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Welcome back

Welcome back our students

login to the student area

login to the student area

النتائج التي ظهرت بالمدرسة حتى الان

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About A.L.S

It is a privilege to be able to serve you and your family as your student begins his or her education... We believe today's school students are our future... We believe each and every child has to be given individual care to bring something unique and special to the world. We help children to develop their potential by believing in them as capable individuals. We'll assist them in discovering who they are, so they can express their own opinions and nurture their own ideas. Our role is to provide them with the tools with which they are able to cultivate their own gardens of knowledge. We'll present the curriculum in a way that involves the interests of the children and makes learning relevant to life. Finally, we'll tie learning into the world community to help children become caring and active members of society.

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Schools Policy

School Policy

Our school is an institution with high expectations, setting its goals on the need to build a new generation of excellent thinkers and problem solvers. It is a place for parents who aspire to have excellent education for their sons and daughters.

Our motto

-          Civilized manners and good conduct are on top of our interests.

-          Our educational environment encourages the students to perform to the best of their individual abilities.

-          We make a balance between freedom and discipline.

-          We believe in teaching our students the ability to think precisely and clearly, and to be able to solve problems.

-          We encourage reading for information; so we have a rich library.

-          We care for activities; football, tennis etc …. .

-          Art and music are considered some of our important targets.

Our Policy

-          Our policy is based on what is going on in most developed language and international schools.

-          We expect the problem before it occurs and find solutions to avoid any undesirable consequences

      We select the best teachers who are highly qualified, well educated and experienced through

      (Exams, Interviews, Experience …… etc).

-          On going training and observation for teachers.

-          Teachers and administration will do their best to make the school  very pleasant and attractive.

-          Creating quiet, friendly and safe atmosphere to make all the students happy.

-          Helping students to understand their religion and ethics and to love their country.

-          Pupils will be treated fairly, especially getting the marks they deserve.

-          Private lessons are completely prohibited.

-          Encouraging students to participate in the activities.

-          The staff will be punctual and hard workers.

-          Attendance of our students will be 100 % from the first school day till the end of the year.

 -    The school offers gifts, presents and certificates to the ideal, top, honest and punctual students         as well as the best achievers in all activities,

-          Assessment and examination results will be quite fair.

-          Preparing the school for the quality assurance and accreditation of education.

-          We care about education technology ( internet,  website, Facebook )

What is new?

-          Teaching French and Science starting from K.G.

-          Selecting the best syllabus for the Advanced Level English.

-          The school and the home will be daily in touch through letters, SMS and reports , also every student will have a password on our website so that the parents would follow the achievements of their sons and daughters, current events, school news and plans.

The student human rights at school

1-      The right to be secure and respected in his school.

2-      The right to know the truth about himself and the world around him.

3-      The right to know what is right and what is wrong before making any mistakes.

4-      The right to get advice and no punishment if he makes mistakes.

5-      The right to think and acquire the necessary skills to achieve his aims.

6-      The right to express himself vocally with confidence.

Our team is aiming to achieve these by:

-          Being the role models ourselves and maintaining these disciplines.

-          Giving our students a sense of responsibility at a young age.

-          Encouraging group work.

-          Helping them to make friendly relations with their colleagues

     To: Parents

           From: Children

1-      Don’t spoil me. I know well that I ought not to have all I ask for.

2-      Don’t be afraid to be firm with me. I prefer it. It makes me feel secure.

3-      Don’t correct me in front of people. It’s better to talk quietly to me in private.

4-      Don’t make me feel that my mistakes are sins.

5-      Don’t put me off when I ask questions.

6-      Don’t forget that I need a lot of love and understanding.

7-      Please keep yourself fit and healthy. I need you.


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